Jaden’s School Harvest Dance


Being a kindergartner this year, Jaden had his FIRST school dance this past Friday.  He was super excited to dance with his “buddies” (as he put it) and wear his new Batman costume.  He really wanted to be Rafael (the red ninja turtle) but we couldn’t the costume in stock anywhere.  He found a “real” grapple hook from Batman and that made his decision.  He picked his costume out by the weapon accessory … sort of reminds me how I pick out my outfit by the shoes I want to wear 🙂

I dug out two of Jaden’s old costumes to wear, as the triplet’s costumes for this year aren’t finished yet.  Logan was a cowboy and Weston a dinosaur.  (check below for pictures of Jaden wearing the same costumes)

Logan as a cowboy (below)

Jaden as a cowboy 2008 (below)

Weston as a dinosaur (below)

Jaden as a dinosaur 2007 (below)

Jaden doing is best Batman leap — from the coffee table to the couch — made Doug NUTS haha I thought it made for a pretty awesome picture opportunity 🙂

The first stop we made when we got to the dance was the cookie table.  The triplets sat and enjoyed a treat while Jaden ran off and disappeared into the sea of elementary school kids.

Jaden found us to see if we could go across the hall to the book fair.  We all headed over to see what was going on.  Jaden picked out a chapter book – more appropriate for a 5th grader.  I told him to put it back because he wasn’t old enough for that scary book.  That’s when the attitude started – he pouted that he couldn’t have it.  Unfortunately that meant he wasn’t going to get any book – hence the pouting face in this nice brother photo.

We managed to get over the book situation and we enjoyed the last 30-45 mins of the dance.  Jaden totally loved it.  The babies were zonked by the end of the night.  It was a great Friday night in the Bissing house!  Now I can’t wait for you all to see the triplet’s costumes for THIS year!

Love, Mel



  1. Ha ha ha…..oh by. Have we ever been through the attitude thing. Gotta LOVE IT!

    They all look SO CUTE! LOVE the batman costume. I have two batmans this year myself. 🙂

  2. I am a high school student and I have to do a project for my Health class. Since I am a triplet myself, I am researching the best way to raise multiples. My mom did a great job but I want to find out from other moms what their biggest accomplishments and challenges were raising multiples. After all, it could happen to me!!!

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