The “Day” I Survived …

This week I’ve been battling a terrible cold.  I don’t do very well when I get sick … just ask my mom how much fun I was when I was sick as a kid 🙂  The triplets didn’t quite get the memo that “mom is under the weather” and have refused to nap this week – PLUS they have just been getting into everything!  Here is what Wednesday looked like in my house:

I KNEW it was too good to be true when my house was quite for a full five minutes!  I went to check on the boys and found them playing in a tub of Vaseline!

Just look at those boys looking at each other – they were SOOOO in on this together!

Here you can see just how greasy Logan is – his entire face was shiny!  The white in their hair and on Logan’s shoulder are GLOBS of Vaseline!  And that doesn’t come out in the bath … They have been running around like little grease balls since then.

Here are the globs of Vaseline they were spreading all over their cribs.

Following the Vaseline, my grease monkeys got into my Tupperware – which really wasn’t a bad thing – they were having a blast and it wasn’t like they were breaking anything.  It was just a HUGE mess and Weston had a breakdown in the middle of the lids … then it was “nap” time.

I use the term “nap” loosely when referring to Wednesday.  It was more like baby gymnastics when they were supposed to be sleeping.  And with this cold, I was so fed up and so irritated, I just had to get out of the room for a few minutes to clear my mind.  So I closed the door behind me and called my mom for a quick pep talk.  (NOTE: their room is totally baby proof, outlets are covered and all things not baby safe have been removed so it was completely safe for me to walk out of the room)

This is what I came back to … clothes thrown all over the room, naked babies and a TURD in the middle of the floor!  This was five minutes people!  The boy’s clean diapers were laying in the corner of the room & they had strategically pooped in the middle of the floor.  

UGH!  I had had enough for one day!  THANK GOODNESS my very good friend Mandy walked in the door just at that very moment!  She had popped over to borrow something and saved me (and the boys) from a REALLY ugly “mom moment”.  She was able to get the triplets back in their diapers and to sleep within a few minutes.  I call her Nanny McPhee for this very reason!

My cold still hasn’t really let up – in fact I started to unravel again tonight at bedtime.  Thank goodness the boys went to bed fairly easily tonight!!  I’m in need of a glass of wine and my DVR 🙂  I also need to sew on a few more snaps onto the triplet’s Halloween costumes.  Trick or Treat is tomorrow!!!

I survived the week…thanks heavens for the weekend!!!  Next week has GOT to get better … right?!?!?

Love, Mel


  1. Oh. My. Goodness.
    My twins have been the vaseline monsters this week, too! I said they were all preparing for winter to make sure their hands and arms don’t get any dry skin… Can your boys climb out of the cribs or are they toddler beds now? Instead of going to toddler beds, (to save my sanity) we went to a two person tent with a full sized mattress that they share. It sounds loopy, but it was the best decision I have ever made. EVER. First night they were out in 10 minutes. My mom is a mother of twins and when she saw what I came up with she said, “Why the heck didn’t I think of that 20 years ago?!?”

    They’re camping as long as I can keep them in that tent.

  2. The poop in the middle of the floor kills me. Thank goodness for friends, right? I hope, as I write this, you are feeling MUCH better.

  3. Wow what a crazy week its been for you. I sure hope u get better soon. The boys are to funny, I’m sure u looking at it and dealing with it its not to funny, but I just can’t believe the whole vaseline thing. Wow. u for sure have your hands full. just wanted to say they are soooo adorable though. again, hope u feel better soon.

  4. I hope you’re feeling better soon!!! But the turd on the floor made me laugh SO hard I thought I’d pee my pants!!! I have so been there-and not long ago with my 2 yr old-he decided he was going to take a bath-got undressed-and when I went to see what he was doing there was a big ole lincoln on the bath rug…EWWW…course now I can look back and laugh. Being a mom…yes…good times 🙂 Take care and (try) to get plenty of rest!!

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