Little Warriors Share the Interfaith Wish List

I’m getting excited about the upcoming Little Warrior event. I’ve got the help of wonderful women this time … It’s going to be better than ever! These events always make me feel like Owen is close. All of the good that my little baby boy is still doing … Even after he has been gone for so long.

The ornaments we are going to make are going to be apart of a larger Christmas package. For many recipients, this is the only gift they will receive all year. Last year, I posted a wish list of items we needed for the ornaments. However, thanks to the overwhelming generosity, we still have enough supplies for this year’s drive!!! Im hoping to pass along the blessings this year to Interfaith by sharing THEIR wish list instead. I’ve got the items that Interfaith is looking for posted HERE

Donations can be made in a few different ways:
-Drop them off in the bin at Ascension Lutheran Church in Waukesha
-Bring your donation to the Little Warrior event on Nov 17
-Or you can email me for a mailing address and you can mail them from where ever you live!

Owen’s story has spread so far … And I am so blessed to have the support of so many. This is my turn to spread on the love and support you have given me. This is the way I am able to keep Owen alive…in the hearts of the children who come and learn a little about serving others.

Ok I’ll get off my soap box – I just get so excited when I think about Little Warriors and what all of your children did for the Waukesha community last year.

Love, Mel

For more information about the Little Warrior Ornament Drive and to register for the event visit:

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