Happy 2nd Birthday Triplets!

My “baby” triplet boys turned two this past Saturday (Nov 10).  I can’t believe it’s been two years … honestly, when you are a mom, where does the time go?  I spent the night before wrapping their gifts and decorating the living room for them.  When we got them up the next morning they rushed out into a room of balloons and instantly starting throwing them at one another.  The giggles were SO worth the effort the night before.

The very next thing I did that morning was light a candle for Owen.

Started the day off with doughnuts for breakfast!  They only eat the top of them off … smart 🙂

Doug’s parents came down from Green Bay to celebrate – the boys were really happy to see them!

Then it was present time!  And boy were they spoiled!

When Weston opened up some clothes, he just threw them to the side – we need to work on our “thank you” manners!

Logan’s CHEEEEESE face!

Doug & I got the boys a trampoline – hopefully it will help burn off some of their two year old energy this winter!


And of course there was cake!

Jaden had to show them how to blow out the candles and then there was no stopping them!


By 6:30pm the boys were tired out!  Having no nap and countless sugar highs and lows – both boys fell asleep in my arms.

Turning two is tiring stuff!  The boys are getting HUGE!  It was a great day … can’t wait to celebrate again with my side of the family this Saturday (after the Little Warrior event).

Love, Mel



  1. Still remember the day they were born. So proud to have been a part of that day and still appreciate the relationship we had when you were with us on bedrest. You impacted my life in so many ways. Happy birthday boys!

  2. Happy Birthday Boys.. Thanks for sharing the pics Mel. can’t wait to see this weekends photos. Have fun and enjoy the company with the loving family you have..

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