Little Warrior 2nd Annual Ornament Drive Recap

Where on earth has the time gone?  I feel like I’ve blinked and two weeks have just flown by.  There is so much to update you about!!  The Second Annual Little Warrior Drive, Triplet’s 2nd birthday & party, some great “God moments”.  Where do I even start?

The Little Warrior Ornament Drive – what a HUGE success?  I had hoped it would be bigger and better than the year before … but I had no idea what was really in store for us.

The morning of Nov 17 was busy and I was stressed.  I was so nervous about it being a success … what if no one shows up?  I always think this on the morning of Little Warrior events.  We had TONS of great new & fresh ideas flowing.  The set up crew worked hard and seamlessly setting up tables, getting crafts ready, even making coffee.  Then the kids and parents started arriving.  That’s when my “high” started.  There were tons of kids and adults waiting to check in … I started to help (the best that I could).  Note to self – we need to re-visit the check in process for the next event – chaos!  I’ve never been up front before – I’m usually still running around putting the last finishing touches on the event.

The two hours flew by!  There was a steady flow of kids – the ornaments just kept coming and coming and coming!  I couldn’t help but to smile –  knowing how many grandfriends would be blessed with one of these ornaments. We ran out of completion certificates at the registration table …. that meant more than 100 kids had arrived!!!

How here is one of my favorite things – the statistics from the event!!

  • 105 Children participated – that’s more than double from last year’s 50 children
  • 582 Ornaments were made – more than double from last year’s 250!!
  • 4 Girl Scout troops participated
  • $120 was raised from the bake sale & coffee donation basket
  • $500 grant was given to Interfaith from Kohl’s as we had 5 or more Kohl’s associates participate with their children!
    • (that’s a total of $62o donated to benefit those who are serviced by Interfaith)
  • The triplets made their first appearance to a Little Warrior event 🙂
  • Approx 20 volunteers helped the day of the event

I can’t believe we doubled from last year!  The joy it brings me to know that Owen’s death is still creating good in this world … it’s amazing.  I really feel like my soul is at peace because I know others are benefiting from this nightmare.  Hundreds of children are learning that serving others is important … even more are receiving a blessing to know that a child cares about them.  It’s a mind-blowing & wonderful circle of blessings.  I never would have started an organization like this if it hadn’t been for Owen … this journey … this blog and all of you.  If people didn’t read my story, I’d just be another anonymous mom who is mourning the loss of her son.

So … thank you.  Thank you to everyone who helped and participated in the ornament drive.  Thank you for those who made donations to the Interfaith organization on behalf of Little Warriors.  Thank you to you … the one who still reads my blog even after the “excitement” has calmed down.  For those of you who care and we have never even met.  Thank you for keeping Owen’s spirit alive.  Thank you for supporting me and giving me the inspiration to keep going … to finding the good in every situation.  Thank you.

Here are a bunch of photos from the event – hope you enjoy!!!

Love, Mel


  1. wow what a wonderful turnout. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. We appreciate you and all you’ve been doing to help those in need. God know what he’s doing. God bless you all!!

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