My Almost-Tweet

While laying with down with Jaden for bed – someone fired up their snow blower.  I laid there, watching the clock and thought to myself “who the heck snowblows at almost 9pm?”  I was cleverly drafting what my sassy Tweet would be … something like “Who snowblows at 9pm on a school night?  Rude or necessary during a snow storm?  #letsdiscuss #Don’tMessWithBedtime”

I came into the family room and caught something between the blinds.  Is someone outside my house?  I took a peek and sure enough, my neighbor was snow blowing MY driveway!  That’s why it was so loud haha!  Gosh – did I feel bad about my sassy almost-tweet.  Doug has been traveling all week and he was trying to do be a HUGE favor.  I’m sure he saw my un-shoveled driveway all week and watched as the triplets and I tried to shovel this morning before the big snow tonight.  Logan kept getting stuck in the snow while trying to ride his bike.  Weston spent more time eating snow and I spent more time making sure he stayed away from the yellow and brown snow than I actually shoveled.  We did manage to get most of it cleared before nap.

What I didn’t realize, while laying down with Jaden, was that it was my driveway that was disturbing the neighborhood.  Someone was blessing me, while I laid and judged them.  Isn’t there something about when you point a finger at someone else, you’ve got three pointing back at you?

It was a gentle reminder to not judge … Have you been caught with your foot in your mouth?  Or judging someone while they were trying to bless you?  Share your story – I’d love to hear them!

Love, Mel


  1. there was this one person who read my blog and I totally thought she was a 60 year old woman…turns out she wasn’t and is awesome (;

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