Introducing Son #5

Logan has made a new best friend and lately he has been one of the family. I’ve got to be honest, I thought this was just going to be a day or two long interest … But we are going on a week and a half of this love affair!

Logan insisted on “Wee” being buckled in.

Once at the grocery store, Logan tucked him into the front seat before climbing into the infamous car on the front of the cart.20130213-141541.jpg

The separation didn’t last long … 20130213-141550.jpg

Nap time20130213-141559.jpg

Sharing is caring20130213-141606.jpg

Logan’s turn on top!20130213-141616.jpg

Guess where we are …20130213-141627.jpg

That’s right! Woody even keeps Weston company on the potty!20130213-141635.jpg

iPad time – Woody was pretty agreeable and didn’t mind watching what the other boys wanted to watch.20130213-141647.jpg

Woody even has a chair at the dinner table. In fact, Logan took Jaden’s dinner plate and gave it to woody. You can imagine how that went over. 20130213-141658.jpg

I think it’s even cuter because Woody is the same size as Logan. Logan is so attentive to him … Super cute to see your baby pretending to take care of another “baby”. What isn’t so cute is how Weston has figured out that he can really get under Logan’s skin buy casually walking off with Logan’s BFF. So many fights … Add referee to my job description!

Love, Mel


  1. How adorable!! Our son, who is 22 but has Down syndrome, LOVES Toy Story and has the toys, the room decor, the movies…they really are great friends!

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