Disney on Ice

This past weekend I took Jaden to see Disney on Ice.  We went the last time the show was in town and this year, I actually won free tickets in a raffle.  We made a special night of it – it was a Mommy-Jaden Date Night.



First thing we did was hit up the merchandise table – Jaden wanted a light up Buzz Lightyear Gun.  And then we needed some soda.  It was a special night – we went all out 🙂

The show was fun – full of lights, music and dancing.  Jaden and I both agree that the Aladdin story was the best.  There were 21 genies!


I kept looking over at him during the show and, every time, my heart melted.  It was such a special time.  I couldn’t help but think how little one-on-one time I get him – or any of my kids for that matter.

At intermission we got refills and checked out the other scams – I mean toys – that were for sale. Jaden fell in love with a large Stitch stuffed animal.  I said no – he already got a laser thing.  We went back to our seats without really a fuss.  Well – my heart melted some more.  He was being such a good kid and was so thankful to be there.  We enjoyed the second half of the show – he even sat on my lap for a bit of it ::sigh::  Love that!  One day he’s going to be too big and too cool to cuddle with his mom.

As we were walking out we stopped to look at the big Stitch stuffed animal again – OH ALRIGHT!  It was such a perfect date – it was the perfect ending 🙂  So lucky Jaden got a laser gun AND a large stuffed animal.


He buckled Stitch into the car and talked with him the entire ride home.  Sounding a little like Logan haha (see previous post).  But it was the best $24 I spent that night.  A sweet memento of our special night.

I took home one more thing with me that night – the realization of just how special one-on-one time is with our children.  So often I get swept into the flow of life that I forget to take time out for each child individually.  We eat breakfast together, the babies nap together, we eat dinner together, we play together, we read bedtime stories together, we go to bed at the same time.  Everything is done together.  Each child is an individual tho – each has their own interests and personalities.  And they each deserve some special attention from Mom.

I’m going to try and allow for that in our day.  Maybe each child won’t get one-on-one time each day but I think once or twice a week is realistic. Maybe it’ll be taking one child with me to the grocery store or taking time away to do a puzzle with just one of them.  It can be simple, but it’s so important.  And I think it’s certainly the kind of mom I want to be.  I hope each of my children learn that they are special to me in their own way.

Love, Me


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