Finn’s Heart


There is a video I’d like you to watch.  It’s titled “Finn’s Heart.”  Finn is a little boy in my church who is effected by a Congenital Heart Defect.  He is an amazing little boy and his story will inspire you.

Finn’s story brings me back to the moments I was in the hospital with Owen.  When talking about organ donation, we were told that we had the opportunity to make a direct donation – offer Owen’s organs to someone we knew.  I looked to my family in the room and said, “Can you think of anyone that needs a new heart?  There isn’t anyone in the church congregation is there?”  My brother said that a friend of his, Emma,  had a little brother who would need a heart transplant.  I told him to make the call to see if this was something they needed.  Hindsight, I think how beautiful it would have been to have Owen’s heart with me at church each Sunday morning.  But, I’m thankful that Finn is healthy enough not to need a heart transplant (yet).  As each year passes, technology gets better, medical research finds new answers, and Finn’s family has more time to spend with him.

Please watch the video – pray for Finn and for his family.

Love, Mel

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