Getting CrAzY at the McDonald’s Playland

My kids are nuts … we are talking banana crazy … do-wack-a-doos!

Doug and I took all the kids to the local McDonald’s for dinner and to run off a little steam.  The triplets are still just a little too little to get up in the tunnels on their own.  I usually end up having to get in there with him and help them up.  Weston has way more adventure in him than his little body can handle just yet.

Today was no exception.  The babies wanted to follow Jaden up to the slides but couldn’t quite pull themselves.  I start crawling in right away and Doug said “Ummm, Mel, the sign?  You must be between the ages of 5-12 … you are 29!!”  Does he know me?  I’m certainly 12 on the inside!  I just giggled and kept on climbing.  I embarrassed Doug – but more importantly … Mom of the Year Award over here please!

If I hadn’t been up in the tunnels with them, how would I have been able to take these cute pictures?




It was just the three kids and I playing for the longest time – we had the whole thing to ourselves.  Jaden and I played hide and seek in the tunnels.  I actually hid in the slide (thanks to keeping my shoes on for traction – Doug pointed out that it was yet another rule broken).  We made a four person choo-choo down the biggest slide.  We practiced our tumbling in the open area up top.  I tickled all three boys to the point where you couldn’t understand them … it was the best time ever!

Logan and I came down the slide and Doug was shouting for me to get back up to the top.  In my head I was thinking “what did I do NOW?”  But I looked up and saw just a diaper butt running in the big open area up top.  Told you my kids were banana crazy!  Weston was the only one still in the tunnels and took the opportunity to strip down into just his diaper!


ImageOf course I snapped a few pictures before trying to get him clothed again – come on – this is funny!  A part of me wanted to laugh out loud, the other to discipline and yet another part of me was jealous of how confident he was!  Only my kids would get naked in such a dirty place like the McDonald’s Playland!

I’m thinking after that stunt, Doug was a little happy that I was able to crawl up there and chase him down.  Needless to say it wasn’t an easy task.  He is much faster in those tunnels than my fat butt is.  It took a great deal of effort to tackle him and force him to get his clothes back on.  He was loving all the freedom a little too much!  I was just thankful he kept his diaper on!

Yep … my kids are “those” kids!

Love, Mel


  1. Ha ha! My two year old peed on a booth, stripped naked while I was cleaning that up and took off streaking into the tunnels. Her Grandmother is a regional manager and was able to watch it on the security camera. Then there was the time she dropped drawers and pooped in the tunnel.

    Yeah, my kid is one of THOSE kids too!

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