Logan Wasn’t Exactly Wrong

Last week the triplets and I spent almost everyday at church getting ready for the rummage. The first day they were pretty well behaved. I was able to work for hours getting everything sorted!! The second day they were still pretty good, but you could tell they were getting a little comfortable.

I was in the lobby sorting clothes and my friend, Jen, came out to tell me that Logan had taken his clothes off and was sitting on the potty saying “poo poo”. I jumped up right away — they aren’t potty trained yet! So I turned the corner ready to walk into the women’s bathroom when Jen turned right to enter the room where all the rummage toys were. I followed and found Logan!


He wasn’t exactly wrong … I couldn’t exactly be upset. But boy oh boy was I embarrassed! Logan had tried to use the pretty pink potty all by himself …. Just in a potty that was for sale!!! I was thankful for two things at that very moment. 1.The boys might be out of diapers soon. 2.The church had bleach in the maintenance room!!

The rummage was a huge success! We sold a ton of stuff and made a ton of money for our ministry. And the potty sold πŸ™‚

Love, Mel


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