Preparing for the 3rd Annual Ornament Drive

The preparation for the third annual ornament drive has begun. This process always brings a sense of pride and sadness. I give a lot of thought and prayer about the little ones who will come and participate. I offer up prayers that the seed of generosity and love be planted in these little ones. Then, I think, “if this happens, my son had a part in it.” My son is teaching the youth of tomorrow the importance of serving one another. Over two years have passed since Owen died and I still wish I was a “normal” mother of triplets. One that didn’t have to explain why I call don’t call my two boys twins. (I still refuse to call them twins … because they aren’t. I carried three babies to 33 weeks and 3 days – I have earned my title as triplet mom. They will never be twins.)

November 2, 2013 is going to be an amazing OWENGE day. The energy in the room is electric. Volunteers give their time and energy to help families make these one-of-a-kind masterpieces! There is always at least one child heard crying because they want to keep their project. These are my favorite moments because it’s when the most learning happens. As much as this event is about caring for the elderly it’s about the little ones learning.

Last year, we almost doubled the number of ornaments from the first year. How many more do you think we can make this year?

All are welcome to come and participate. We try to pick ornaments that are for all ages. The younger ones need a little more help, and that’s ok! It’s great for Girl Scout projects too! If you’ve got older kids who would be interested in volunteering in the event please contact me. We are always looks for helpers (always).

Mark your calendars!!


When: Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 9am-12pm

Where: Ascension Lutheran Church, 1415 Dopp Street, Waukesha, WI 53188

Cost: FREE!


*Registration is appreciated but not required

Who: Children and families of all ages

* We ask that at least one adult, 18 years or older, such as a parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent, accompany your kid(s) during the event. We will also have helpers on-site to assist the children as needed.

For questions regarding the event, email us at

Help Us Spread the Word: Download a flyer HERE and share with a friend. Help us get the word out!

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  1. I will plan to help that morning. Do you need me to show up early to help set up? Do you need any supplies this year or do you have that covered? I may have a couple to kids from my church come with their parents. I will let you know,.

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