The Things Moms Say

This came out of my mouth today…

“Weston, take your finger out of your nose.”

He just switches from his left finger in his nose, to his right finger. I guess I need to be more specific …

“If you don’t take your fingers out of your nose, I’m turning the movie off!”

Never thought I would hear myself say something like that …

Don’t tell the Love and Logic class about my threatening statement haha …. Pam would tell me that I should have said “Mommy turns the movie on for little boys who have their hands in their lap.” or “Mommy turns the movie off for little boys who pick their nose.”

The point is … why is it so hard for three year old boys to leave their boogers alone? I swear that kid was mining for gold some days. Hey, if he ever does find a gold nugget we’ll be rich … maybe picking your nose isn’t such a bad thing … leaves you open to possibility!

So many ways to say the same ridiculous statement. These are my favorite parts about being a mom …. kids keep you funny 🙂

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  1. Food for thought…my child who has picked his nose AND EATEN his boogers, since the day he discovered he could, has the BEST immune system of my four boys and RARELY gets sick. When he does get sick it is usually an incredibly mild version of what everyone else suffered with. I’m not advocating the disgusting habit here, but constantly exposing yourself germs does seem to have SOME long term redeeming qualities. 🙂

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