Surprises of Motherhood

This morning I heard myself say, ” Keep your bologna off of your feet.” Something I NEVER thought I would say … ever. Last month I heard myself say, “If you don’t take your finger out of your nose, I’m going to turn off the movie.” Yep … never thought I’d say one that either.

Come to think about it, there are lot of motherhood moments I never expected …

  • How many times I’d be covered in pee, poop or puke
  • How my heart would melt at just the sight of my kids sleeping
  • That everyday things, like carpooling, could be beautiful
  • Pediatrician appointments could be so stressful
  • Buying simple things like fresh fruits and veggies would make me feel like a ‘good’ mom
  • How much dirty laundry little bodies could produce
  • How bad diapers could smell
  • That bedtime could bring so much rest to both the kids AND mommy
  • The words, “Mommy lay with me” could make you forget about all the bills that need to be paid, the toys that need to be picked up or the dishes that need to be cleaned
  • Playdates were for both the kids AND the mommies
  • How little arms wrapped around your neck could make you forget just about anything
  • If the kids cry long enough, you will eventually start to cry with them
  • Some of the questions your seven year old will ask will leave you speechless
  • The little sweet baby you bring home from the hospital, the one you promise to love for all of eternity, will one day talk back to you and shatter your heart
  • You will one day debate if a shower is really worth the time and energy
  • Grocery shopping will stress you out (when all the kids come)
  • That you won’t really care if you are puked on because you are too busy being worried about your sick baby to care for
  • How much joy you would feel when your child reads you a story all by him/herself
  • When others tell you how “well behaved” your child is, the relief you would feel – that you must have done something right

Motherhood is beautiful, irreplaceable and incredible. Men who appreciate this art are to be treasured. Those who are mothers shouldn’t take it for granted. Those who wish to be mothers should continue to pray for the blessing. Those who are mothers with children who are already in heaven need to know that their babies might not be with them, but they can still love their children in a unique way. Women who wish to be mothers but are struggling should know that God is with them. Every mother has their own story on how they became mothers. It’s incredible. But every mother, want-to-be mother, mother of an angel or woman who never wanted to have children of her own should know that their purpose in life is incredible. Honestly, you are molding the future.

Jaden has started to repeat something he over heard me say. “My mom had me way too young.” The point that this is true is irrelevant. I did have Jaden too young, I was a senior in college when I found out I was pregnant. And still the fact that I became a mother is nothing less than perfect and beautiful. I really wish he wasn’t so intuitive … I wish I didn’t have to “smooth” this over with him. I tell him that I was younger than I thought I would be when I became a mother. However, everything about him coming into this world was perfect. He was loved, planned and wanted from day one. He was no mistake. I very conscientiously chose to bring him into his world.

There are so many surprises in motherhood. There are so many things I never thought I would say. Being a mother is a gift. It’s a responsibility. Being a mother is an opportunity to change the future. Mothers — accept nothing less than being wonderful. Hear nothing less than you are strong and amazing. Men — encourage your wives and mother of your children. They are precious and needed in your and your children’s lives.

Love, Mel

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