It’s the Small Things

In my experience it’s the little things that matter. They all add up to make the big things.

After work, I was walking to my car, talking with my coworker and friend. Mid conversation, I reached out to open my door when I realized I wasn’t walking in snow. I backed up to this:


A path had been shoveled to my car … all the way from the building door to my car door. Then I looked at my car – it had been brushed off too. A small, simple thing. I never asked for this. This person didn’t know that I HATE shoveling snow – that I’ve been exhausted with snow blowing my driveway all on my own after each snowfall. They had no idea the immense sense of being cared for that I would feel. They did it because it was kind. They did it to take care of me – without even saying a word. I know who did it – I will thank them next time I see them. Talk about associate appreciation!!

It made me think … if this small gesture had such a big impact on me – could my small gestures have the same impact on someone else? Making others happy has always been important to me … sometimes to a fault. The small things add up … they make a huge impact.

Does prayer for someone count as a small gesture? It’s definitely an easy thing you could do for someone else. You can pray for someone anywhere, at anytime and it doesn’t cost a thing. They don’t even have to know you did it.

How many times have you heard someone say “I’ll prayer for you.” Or seen comments on someone’s facebook status “Prayers.” What if they ACTUALLY prayed for that person. Would it matter? Would it make an impact? I’ve got to believe it would.

It’s something you can do for anyone – even if they reject you. You don’t need their permission, you don’t need to let them know – you can pray for them. Lift them up – ask for their healing or protection. You don’t even have to know the person to pray for them. God knows them .. and he knows your heart – He can make the connection for you. “Dear Lord, please keep the lady on the side of the street warm.” Yep, he knows exactly who that is “Lord, my friend is struggling with something and I don’t know what – please comfort them.” He’ll know what to do. In fact, I think prayer might be the most perfect gift.

What if we all prayed for one another? What if we tuned our hearts into one another and took time to think about one another? What kind of positive mojo would we all experience? Prayer is by far the most powerful healer and comforter.

I pray for my friends and family every day .. sometimes more than once a day. Every time they come to mind I pray for them. Most times it’s not a formal prayer that starts with “Dear God.” Most times it’s more of a conscience thought of them – sending my energy to reach out to tough their energy. Prayer for me is more like closing my eyes and making a wish before I exhale. Sometimes it’s more of saying a sentence in my head. “Keep Patty safe today.” “Let Rachael know I love her and I’m thinking of her.” “I have no idea what Jess needs today, but know her and give her what she needs.”

It’s small and simple. It doesn’t cost a thing. But I mean it with my whole entire heart. And I always hope that my small prayer will make a big impact … maybe it will. But knowing isn’t the point – it’s the doing that makes the difference.

Love, Mel


  1. Same thing as Michael – if I don’t stop and pray right then, I might forget. It also makes me keep them in my mind and check in with them to see how they’re doing! Hugs to you! 🙂

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