Those Perfect Moments

There are these days and these moments when life seems perfect. The worries of chores, money and work are non-existent and I’m just present, playing with my kids. They happen far less than I would hope for – but they are there … mixed in with the dirty dishes, potty accidents and skinned knees.

I had one of these perfect afternoons last week. The weather was warmer than usual and they boys were unusually kind to one another. We slammed down a quick dinner of hot dogs and fruit and headed outside. Weston, Logan and Jaden rode bikes in the parking lot of the church next door. I was actually calm and in tune to what my kids were doing long enough to take some pictures.


Logan insisted on having his hood up AND his helmet on. Whatever floats your boat kid. He was loving jumping in the puddles. Also long as I didn’t get splashed, I was good with it!



Jaden making his best “bad biker” face.

When we got home, we busted out the bubble guns the Easter Bunny brought.

If that wasn’t enough to make your heart melt … the next morning when I got out of the shower, I wasn’t sure where Logan went. I found him in my closet, butt naked, chowing down on his chocolate bunny. I tried to be mad, I really did – but honestly, just look at this face? I took a picture instead, then offered him a bowl of cheerios 🙂


Tonight, Logan and Jaden fell asleep first … that means I could cuddle and enjoy Weston without the other two getting jealous. Weston decided to show off his love for signing …

Of course he sang it way better before the camera was rolling. This seriously makes my heart burst with love!

Lately, these moments are far and few in between. There has been so much going on and going back to work has made it really hard to stop and enjoy my kids rather then rushing from one thing to the next – making sure they get to bed at a decent time, throwing food down their throats so they have full bellies for school. Life is so different, but these perfect moments are the same. My children are still beautiful and amazing – and I love them so much my heart could burst.

To my working mamas – don’t forget to stop and enjoy your kids! Just because we work outside of the home, doesn’t mean that we have to give up these perfect moments too! So let the dirty dishes sit, let the laundry pile up, grab your camera and enjoy your babies!

Love, Mel

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  1. For sure! Been a while since I’ve been to your site…to any site actually. Cant believe how much your boys have grown. Amazing.

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