Sibling Rivalry

My sister and I were typical teenage sisters … ok we fought like cats and dogs growing up. When I had my driver’s license, my parents told me I had to take her to school if I wanted to take the car. I found it highly unfair since I had to suffer riding the bus my freshman year, why didn’t she? But my parents insisted, so I found myself making my sister’s life a little harder to compensate for having to save her from the bus ride.

I loved country music in high school, and my sister did NOT. So I would blare the country music all the way to school, hoping to irritate the snot out of her! It wasn’t long before she learned all the words to my songs and would sing them just as loud. I drove her to school and she drove me nuts!

Another favorite of mine was the “seat belt” test. When we started driving, I would slam my foot on the bake to make sure Rachael had her seat belt on. If she did, you would hear a deep “UGH” from the passenger seat. If she didn’t, she would go flying forward and I would laugh and laugh and laugh! There was one time when I had the timing just right and she slid down to the floor and couldn’t get back into her seat. I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t even help her up. It was totally worth the disapproving look I got when Rachael retold the story to mom.

Soon, I had fun letting my foot off the break ever so slightly when she tried to get in the car. I got such a kick out of watching her fumble and try over an over again. She would get so irritated but there way nothing she could do about it! There was one time I had her jumping and hopping after the car all the way down the court we lived in! Epic, I tell you, EPIC!

Low and behold … my sister and I aren’t the only siblings to play this game. I might have been 16 and driving a minivan, but Logan is 3 and a half and driving a hot wheel … it’s just as hilarious!

Jaden had an even better run with Logan trailing behind … in fact, Logan tripped at one point and was still hanging on as Jaden kept driving, dragging him behind. I couldn’t quite get the camera out in time, but you can picture just how ridiculous it was. I had to remind Logan to just let go …

As adults, my sister is my greatest friend. Her love is endless. We laugh until we cry retelling these stories now. I hope the same for my boys. When they hate each other, and I know they will at some point during their growing up, I only hope they are able to laugh til they cry retelling the stories when they are older.

Siblings are so special … they are one of the unique relationships we have where we can both love and hate each other at the same time.

I love you Rae!

Love, Mel

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