Mamas of Boys

Happy be-lated mother’s day to my mama readers! I hope you felt blessed and loved.

Have you ever noticed that mothers of boys are so relaxed and calm? Nothing seems to phase them. It’s because our nerves are completely shot!! We are numb to our boys jumping out of trees, wrestling non-stop, scaling the walls and bringing nasty bugs into the house because they look cool. 

I love my boys so very much … but boy oh boy are they crazy!!

This morning I got the boys all set with breakfast. I carefully placed four mini doughnuts on each of their plates and hopped into the shower. I came out to this …



12 doughnuts on their plates and powdered sugar everywhere! Can’t lie .. had to hide my snickers at this one. Weston is SCREAMING cheese at the top of his lungs. So proud of himself.

Then, there was the morning when I was just trying to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the kid’s lunches and the boys were all over the kitchen, driving me bananas. So I sent them all out to play in the backyard for a few minutes. I looked out the back kitchen window to see Weston standing ON TOP of the play house, reaching and ready to leap to the roof a my back porch. I mean come one … what kids do this kind of stuff? Boys that’s what. And in a true “mom of all boys” fashion, I hollered at him to get down … more ticked that he tried that kind of stunt than worried he would get hurt. I mean I was … but it wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. He’s climbed a lot higher on so many times … example 54,892 why my nerves are shot.

I couldn’t find Logan one morning, until I heard some rustling in my closet.

Image are

Yep, naked and chowing down on a full chocolate Easter bunny. I had to hide my amusement and, as always, Logan was so proud of himself. (Ok who am I kidding … this one made me laugh out loud. Come on .. he’s naked and hiding to eat chocolate.)

And most recently, there is bed time. Bed time is probably my very least favorite part of being a mother. It’s horrible … a nut house. Running from room to room, rubbing backs, getting glasses of water, hearing an entire day’s account of activities and the “mama” right as my butt hits the couch. All of the thunder and lighting last night added a little extra excitement to the evening. As we approached the second hour of bedtime, little voices singing “it’s raining, it’s pouring …” came from the little’s bedroom. Little crappers ….

When, I stuck my head in, to remind them that it was bedtime, I found their tiny little butts, in their underwear (not sure where their pj pants went), kneeing on the top bunk, looking out the window, watching the storm. Cute tiny, little brother butts … way too late at night. I gave up and laughed. I took that moment and decided to cherish it and thank God for the beautiful brotherhood these boys are forming.

Boys are energetic, adventurous and active. My nerves are shot. I just have to accept that there are things I cannot control. There are moments when I have to give up and just laugh. Maybe even grab the camera and snap a picture. – that way I’ll have proof of the grieve they caused me as kids. They make me a better person by teaching me, every day to not sweat the small stuff.

Love, Mel

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  1. hahahaahaa!!!! I know exactly what you mean!!!!! James Dobson has a book out that I read a few years ago called “Bringing up Boys”. It was awesome and helped me get come perspective of the weirdness of my boys!! It also helped that I am a bit more boyish too!! hehehe….
    Blessings on your boys!! Enjoy!!

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