What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? How many of you would answer something like “as soon as we get through the school year” or “as soon as I get that raise” or “when life slows down”? Why have we convinced ourselves that we need to get through something before we are allowed to live? There is no such thing as a perfect time for anything … ok there maybe there is the perfect time to take the cake out of the oven or to wash the hair dye out … but for the other stuff it just doesn’t exist.

Life doesn’t slow down. Things don’t generally getting easier. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other. That’s why you’ve got to make the best with what you’ve got. Take that leap – the longer you wait, the less time you’ll have on the other side. The more time you spend waiting, the less time you’ll have living what you are dreaming about. Make the best with what you’ve got and jump! It is possible to be all jacked up and make your dreams come true. It’s possible to have your life falling apart and to pursue a dream all at the same time.

Circumstances are … well just that – circumstances. They doesn’t define you nor do they tell you what you deserve. They have an impact on your situation, I’ll give you that … but life is too short to focus on circumstances. Don’t let the “what I’m waiting for” hold you back. Act now – all messy and unprepared – make the leap. Let those who are willing to stand beside you help. Give them permission to enter into your unprepared world made up for dirty dishes, unmade beds and unfolded laundry. That way, you might not be ready, but heck you aren’t alone!

There might not ever be the perfect time to make your dreams come true, but we certainly don’t have to do it alone. Love each other. Encourage each other to keep moving forward even when all you want to do is stop for a water break. Keep pedaling – keep moving forward. The greatest memories are made when we make things up as we go. Sort of like an impromptu road trip – where you don’t really know where you are going or how you are going to get there – all you know is that you are driving and you’ll figure it out along the way. You make random stops for junk food at gas stations and you read the road map one city at a time. It’s about the journey – not about how perfectly or quickly you got there.

Next time someone asks you what you’re waiting for – be the one that says “I’m not waiting – I’m going after my dreams, just the way I am!”

Love, Mel

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