Lemonade Stands

The house I grew up on was on the top of a hill at the end of a court. When we were kids, my sister and I loved having lemonade lemonade_standstands down at the corner. We would make a large batch of Kool-aide and lemonade, load up the red wagon with cups and a change box and post ourselves at the corner. True entrepreneurs … such fond childhood memories.

Last week, my mom stopped at a neighbor’s lemonade stand. Lemonade for $.75 or bottled water for $1. After ordering, the girls held up a bowl, “would you like a mint?” Top notch … THOSE girls are entrepreneurs! Mom came home to find a similar bottle of water and a mint on the counter – my dad had stopped at the same stand on way home. I just LOVE that my parents are the ones who stop at lemonade stands.

I remember the thrill I got when we actually got a car to stop. The feel of that quarter in my hand. The rush and anticipation of when the next car would stop. My parents are the kind of cars that stop. They make little dreams come true in those simple acts. My mom even tipped the girls a buck.

When I told my parents how cool it was that they both stopped at the stand, my dad kindly looked at my mom and said, “Your mother is the one that taught me it was important to stop.” Golden. My dad is a pretty cool man … a typical, hard working provider. Successful in his job. But he is also kind, loving and supportive of the women in his life, especially my mom. He is a good-lemonade-buying man.

Maybe next time you pass a lemonade stand, you’ll stop too. It’s important to notice children. To stop for the silly little things that make a child’s summer something to remember. The only thing more beautiful than having parents who stop at lemonade stands is having a father who credits your mother for teaching him the importance of doing so.

I hope I can be as cool as my parents are when I grow up…

Love, Mel


  1. love it!
    My children usually get us to stop, but I’ll be stopping more now. Thank you. Raising kids up is so very, very important and sometimes in the rush of life we forget about how we can help.

  2. I get too caught up in life and have made a new resolution to take breaks, put my phone down and just enjoy the little moments. A stop at a lemonade stand (or 2 or 3) will be on my must do list this summer. 🙂

  3. I always stop at lemonade stands! They’re awesome! My boys love to have their own lemonade stands too.

  4. Man, this brought back so many memories. I used to swipe granola bars from mom’s cabinet too to see if I could sell those along with the lemonade. Great reminder to stop for the little yet such important things!

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