Tonsil Update

My family is officially four tonsils, four adenoids down and two ear tubes up. The last five days have gone by in a blink of an eye!

The morning of surgery, we were taken back to a pre-op room pretty much right away. The boys were so dang cute in their footy pajamas talking about how they were getting their tonsils out.


Logan went back first. They gave him a happy cocktail that made him keep pulling up his hospital gown. The doc said it was quite normal for boys to have that reaction to the medicine. HA!

Weston got a little restless when his brother was gone. He saw the team take Logan to surgery all by himself – he was thinking that I’d be coming too … whoops! Moms might be super heroes, but they don’t get to go into the OR for tonsillectomies. He started to get a little nervous and squirrely. It wasn’t long before he got his silly juice and settled down. Phew that stuff works magic! Weston tried to pull himself up to sit. I think the whoosiness hit him … he giggled and flopped back down – like a drunk 4-year-old. He thought it was great and tried to pull himself up a few more times, each time his head would sway and he would flop back down. Funny stuff. As the doctors got him ready to go back for surgery, he asked about Logan. “Is my brother all done? He ok?” My sweet boy … asking about his brother. A triplet’s bond is tight.

There was only a few minutes before I was called back to see Logan in recovery. I walked into Logan’s room and his poor eyes were swollen from crying. His eyes said it all .. You tricked me! This surgery stuff is no fun.


I dropped my bags and sat next to him to hold his hand. My heart just broke! It’s funny because I didn’t imagine them being scared or crying … I imagined them having sore throats, but not having the sups sups. Logan said he didn’t have any owies, which was good – the emotions were normal from what the nurses told me. It was only about 20 minutes and two popsicles before Logan was ready to move to his post-op room. I was going to go back with Logan while Doug met Weston in recovery. I walked two steps out of Logan’s room and I could hear Weston screaming “I want mama! I want mama! MAMA!!!!” We paused for Logan’s nurse to see if they wanted me to come in or not. They said yes. I walked into Weston’s room and he was hysterical. Trying to climb out of his bed – just screaming. Once he had his mama and some morphine he was much better. A post-op M&M 🙂

photo (15)

I was happy that neither of the boys were in any pain – they were just sluggish and glazed over. Logan was quick to bounce back. He was back in his pj’s in no time. He got a wheelchair ride from his room to Weston’s. It was a little ridiculous because they were literally 10 feet away from each other. Logan crawled up on my lap as I sat in the rocking chair next to Weston’s bed.I snapped this priceless picture of them:


Logan was getting fidgety and starting to climb all over. Logan and I occupied ourselves with selfies while Weston slept …


Finally, Weston was alert enough that we could go home. We closed down day surgery – rebels!


Once we were home the boys settled in well. They pretty much just fell asleep on the couch. I slept on the couch with them. A pretty uneventful evening really. I had expected so much worse!


The next few days were filled with snuggles. As long as Weston could see or touch me he was fine. As long as Logan had his panda and baby doll he was fine. My favorite was sitting in the middle of the two of them. Being a single, full time working mom I don’t have much time to just sit and cuddle. Cuddling was my full time job for the last few days. No complaints here!



Day three – Weston really perked up. Logan had not.


Friday night Doug picked up the boys as it was his weekend with them. As a mama that was hard to hand over my babies when they weren’t feeling well, even if it was to their dad. No one can take care of her baby cubs like a mama bear.

I can say that the past few days have gone a lot smoother than I could have ever imagined. I thought I would be up all night with crying kids but that wasn’t the case at all. They only cried when it was time to take medicine. I have to admit that Weston spit out his medicine all over me not once, but twice. Wardrobe change!

We still have Monday and Tuesday home from school. I’m actually looking forward to playing stay at home mom again. Keeping them low key is going to be a challenge …

Thank you prayer warriors for all of the prayers and thoughts! They all worked wonders! I don’t think we will be missing those tonsils at all …

Love, Mel

Little hands fit perfectly in a mommy’s hand.
I especially love this picture, because the blanket in the background is the blanket I slept with every night while in the hospital with Owen. A friend of mine, from elementary school, made the blanket for Owen, but since he was on the medical study and had to be kept cold, I slept with it. It’s turned into my adult security blanket. Thank you Kate – your beautiful gift still brings me comfort!


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