20 Things I’ve Learned While on Crutches

It’s been 1 week and 1 day since the great fall … and I’ve learned a few things from having one less foot. Here’s a list of 20 things I’ve learned while on crutches.

  1. When your sister is waiting with you in the ER, the two of you can giggle like you were 8 years old again
  2. Your siblings have no shame in making silly videos of you just coming out of anesthesia, on pain meds or learning how to get around on crutches
  3. When laughing too loud on the general surgery floor of a hospital, your nurse will come in and shut your door
  4. Vicodin can be better than a green beer on St Patty’s day (never thought this Irish girl would say that!)
  5. I am not tall enough for how much I weigh … although the nurse assures me that my splint could weigh +10 lbs
  6. Taking a selfie with my surgical cap is a must for all visitors
  7. A ride down to the OR feels like you are in a parade and should be throwing candy (the nurse might have thought I was a nut job at this point)
  8. You know it’s been a horrible, yet still fun day when your OR nurse greats you by saying, “I heard you are a fun one.”
  9. A blanket on the other side of the room feels like it’s on the other side of the Grand Canyon
  10. Real friends take you out for retail therapy and push you up and down the yarn aisle in a wheelchair, complete with basket
  11. I’m sure blessed with some freaking awesome friends who bring me amazing meals!
  12. It’s a hidden bonus being on crutches right before tank top season … my upper arms are getting an awesome workout!
  13. When your 4 year old punches your foot under the blanket, asking you if you still have a boo boo, it doesn’t hurt as much as you would think it would
  14. During your first shower after surgery, do not freak out when you see yellow in the bottom of the shower … you aren’t peeing, it’s the iodine from your upper leg …
  15. Even if you aren’t able to play frisbee with your boys on the first beautiful day of Spring, it’s just as enjoyable to watch them from the window
  16. Breaking up fights between two 4 year olds and an 8 year old from the couch is virtually impossible
  17. Real friends smuggle Diet Mt Dew into the house when your mother insists on drinking more milk …
  18. Almond milk, not only tastes way better than milk, but it also has way more calcium – makes Mom and my taste buds happy
  19. When the phone rings and it’s across the room, I suddenly really don’t care who is calling (sorry if that was you …)
  20. Peanut butter M&M’s are acceptable for lunch when home alone, not only do they taste like heaven, but they are easy to carry in your teeth to the couch

My journey has only began … in all seriousness, I’m very thankful for my friends and family who continue to surround me and my boys in love and support!

Love, Mel

Mel with boys on crutches

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  1. Love the way you spell anesthesia–Anastasia LOL You truly have a great attitude, it will serve you well in the long recovery! Or maybe it will be a short recovery! <3

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