Sometimes I Just Don’t Wanna

Last week, Weston woke me up before my alarm clock went off. “Mama! Logan is peeing in the corner by his dresser!” Crap … I figured he must be half asleep. I walked across the hallway. “Logan, hunny, are you awake?” He turned around, grinning ear to ear. He was not sleep walking … What the heck is going on here???

“Logan, did you pee on Mommy’s carpet?” He just grinned and giggled. That little …. “Logan, why did you pee on the floor?” This time he hid his face in the floor. I knelt down next to him, so he had to look me in the eye. I asked again, “Logan, what happened? Why did you pee on the floor?”

This time he answered. “Jaden was in the bathroom and you were sleeping so I didn’t want to wake you up using your bathroom.” Oh heavens to Betsy … #1 – me sleeping has never stopped the boys from anything before, including nerf gun fights in my room or jumping on my bed. #2 – the boys often have stream fights against my disapproving head shaking #3 – there is another bathroom downstairs!

I was be-fuddled … the kid just decided to pee in the corner for no apparent reason. But then again, I could kind of relate. There are days when peeing in the corner seems like a better idea then doing the extra work of solving a problem. Heck, I’ve just wanted to give up plenty of times. Days when “I just don’t wanna” seems like a reasonable explanation. Sometimes I just don’t wanna solve my problems, I’d rather pee in a corner and call it a day.

Logan helped me clean up his mess and we talked about never peeing anywhere else besides a toilet.

Certainly not the way I thought my day would start. lol … I swear it’s never a dull moment in my house …

Love, Mel

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