First Communion Classes: A Lesson from My Son

A few months ago the boys were in church with me instead of their Sunday School classes. There was an announcement for early first communion classes. Weston’s eyes lit up. “Mom I’m in third grade! I want to take the class so I can take the bread and wine.”

I’ve never been one to say, “No,” to church related activities but I did have some concerns. Communion is a big milestone in their faith and not something that’s just cool to do. I wanted to make sure he was ready before agreeing to first communion classes. So like any good, present parent, I just ignored the request. I just didn’t bring it up and hoped he would forget.

You want to know what? That little stinker never forgot. At least once a week, whether we had been to church on Sunday or not, he ask me how long until he could take the special bread at church.

I just wasn’t sure Weston was ready for first communion classes.

Out of all of my boys, Weston has the biggest reactions. He struggles with ADHD and anxiety. He has big reactions that has put me on most teacher’s speed dial. He is an amazing little guy, with a fun and goofy personality who can also throw his shoes down a hallway and use the F word correctly at the top of his lungs. We’re all a work in progress right?

What made me change my mind was the moment when Weston told me the entire Last Supper story in his own words. Some moments slipping into the same words used on Communion Sunday. “This is my body broken for you.” “This is my blood shed for you.” “Do this in remembrance of me.”

Yup, my nine year old who can’t take a calming deep breath to save his life, just recited the essence of communion.

Who am I to keep a curious boy from the Lord’s table?

So I signed both boys up. Gary and I sat with a boy on each side of us in the church fellowship hall. I watched them eagerly learn about forgiveness. They took such joy in opening the Bible, carefully writing each answer on their worksheet. Raising their hand to answer every question Pastor Dan asked, sometimes blurting our the answer in excitement.

We have one more first communion class next week. The boys are counting down the days until they are able to fully participate in communion.

Their curiosity and eagerness should be something we all seek. Weston is a lesson and a reminder to eagerly learn more. To know His love by heart, so that we can recite it in our own words.

Here I thought I was taking my boys to church to learn. When really, they were teaching me.

Love, Mel

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