The Coronavirus Captain’s Log: Day 1-7

Being self-quarantined, confined to the four walls of my home with four boys, while being an academic support for virtual learning and driving my career has left me feeling inspired, overwhelmed and needing to make the most of it. Out of this mess was born the “Coronavirus Captain’s Log.” When the hard, or ridiculous or the outright hilarious happens, I’m here to document.

Without further ado – I introduce to you the first seven days of the Coronavirus. Enjoy!

Day 2 – March 17, 2020

8:37 am – Logan walks by on his way to get a box of cereal. I realize he’s been wearing the same pair of leggings for three days. I wonder if he has underwear on? Wait … I already know that answer.

10:14 am – I remember YaYa gave me special St. Patty’s day leggings to wear.

3:19 pm – I share the news with Gary that I’ve decided to keep a captain’s log. He doesn’t seem as excited about the ideas as I am.

4:43 pm – I’ve now realized that Max is sleeping under my desk. That’s why my feet are warm.

Day 3 – March 18, 2020

8:30 am – Leave the house with Logan and Weston to take them to their dad’s house.

8:47 am – Jaden texts that he thinks there is someone in the house. I remind him that he’s in a new bedroom with new sounds. Everything is fine and just call for the dogs.

8:52 am – I send an SOS text message to YaYa and T to see if someone can swing by the house to calm him down. Jaden meets YaYa in the driveway, barefoot and refusing to go back in the house.

9:20 am – I arrive at YaYa’s house to pick up Jaden. He would rather play with Gia during bathtime so I leave him there and go to Menards with Gary.

10:17 am – Image sent from T with the caption “Bows and T!”

10:30 am – Gary and I go to the McDonald’s drive thru for a stress induced need for a sausage McMuffin, hash brown and large diet coke.

11:15 am – We are all home now and begin virtual online school.

11:17 am – Jaden says he’s completed his work for 4, 6 and 7th hour. I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to work …

12:23 pm – Jaden reports that he’s all done with his school work. Not sure what he turned in but I can’t go back and check it … so Day 1 of virtual school is complete.

1:44 pm – I need to take a work break … searching how to get a duplicate copy of my driver’s license.

2:05 pm – Watched Maro Polos from my close friends. They are stressed. Really stressed. They are scared and worried and stressed. Why am I sitting at my desk, thankful to be home? Thankful that my kids are with me and not worried? Is there something wrong with me that I’m cool just hiding out until this thing passes? My mentality is to only worry about what I can control – and this is certainly out of my control. What I can do is stay informed, stay calm and do the best that I can. But I really just see this as one big memory to make. This is an experience we will talk about for decades and will make history books.

4:30 pm – Time to take a computer break. Opened a new Diet Coke and going to work on our Doug the Pug puzzle.

5:43 pm – The news is depressing. I realized I have been working on the puzzle for over an hour and only assembled one doughnut. Going to make something for dinner. I’m thinking chicken. I always make chicken for dinner … boring.

5:57 pm – Neighbor sends me a message that the trunk of Gary’s car is open. That means it’s been open all day long. WHOOPS! I’m thankful for nice neighbors. Then, I get news that a friend is expecting a baby this fall. So excited for them! A much needed break from the typical “We don’t have enough ventilators” and “Why can’t everyone be tested for COVID-19″ that’s been on the news.

Day 4 – March 19, 2020

11:05 am – Signed up for Broadway HD and introduced Jaden to Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. Feeling like I won the mom award today.

11:30 am – Had to jump on a call for work, the internet wasn’t enough to handle a video conference and streaming video games. Had to argue with Jaden to stop streaming while on mute. Teens don’t understand why work internet usage is far more important than Fortnight.

12:30 pm – Jaden requested bacon wrapped hot dogs for lunch. How can I say no to that?

6:14 pm – Jaden had one of his bacon wrapped hot hogs. However, they are all gone. Funny how those little dogs wrapped in goodness just pop in your mouth every time you walk by the oven. Being locked up in the house has given me a serious case of the munchies and drinkies.

10:39pm – Gary is gone at work. It’s just Jaden and I. I’m thankful for the one on one time, but I miss my community. I miss the freedom of going to the grocery story without the look of fear in the other’s eye when we walk down the same food aisle. I miss the time out of the house and the time with other adults. I miss watching my kids at baseball practice. I miss our normal.

Day 5 – March 20, 2020

7:30 pm – It was just a normal day. Nothing too exciting to report. Gary wanted to go to Fleet Farm for some waders. He’s planning to go fishing in the morning. I agreed to go with him. When you walk into a store, there is a sense of fear. Afraid to touch things. Afraid to stand too close to other people. I can see the same fear on the face of every person we pass. Gary loves retail therapy like I do. We find him the perfect pair of waders. Then we stroll through the clearance toy aisle for Gia. Next, we go to “look” at carpet cleaners. We have been talking about shampooing the carpets for months now. I thought it would be better to just rent one. But the coordination of that hasn’t been working so hot. Gary decides we should just buy one. We have a Fleet Farm credit card after all. I’m convinced. There is joy in placing the box in our cart. Retail therapy as an adult is weird.

Day 6 – March 21,2020

5:15 am – I roll over in bed to find Gary on his phone. Working third shift really messes with his sleep cycle and he’s awake at odd times. I snuggle in and close my eyes. His flashlight is on and I’m woke up by a barking dog shadow on the ceiling. I love when he’s playful and silly. He does it again so I can video tape it. I stay awake with him until he leaves for fishing.

9:30 am – I finally get out of bed and have Jaden help me put together the new carpet cleaner. I clean the entire downstairs carpet. I feel accomplished for the day.

11:45 am – Mom calls. She’s on her way over to help us paint the upstairs. She’s the trimmer and I’m the roller. We’ve stocked the fridge with beer. Gary is good at so many things, but painting is not one of them. So he’s our bartender, DJ and furniture mover. He’ll also be the chef for dinner this evening – BBQ chicken, twice baked potatoes and roasted green beans. I’m a lucky girl, my man knows how to cook!

Day 7 – March 22, 2020

9:04 am – Woke up a bit crabby today. This isn’t gonna go well …

11:00 am – Jaden has declared that I am stupid and he hates confirmation class.

11:30 am – Jaden is sharing a little about the scripture in class and has somehow found his smile again.

11:59 am – I finally get an “I’m sorry mom,” and all is right with the world again.

2:00 pm – I’m getting really sick of painting, but love the new color. We all agree that we will paint all the parts that don’t need an extension ladder and then have family dinner.

4:30 pm – Friesema’s arrive and Gia brings all the giggles and fun. I also haven’t showered for three days so I slip in a quick shower. The family thanks me.

5:00 pm – Logan and Weston are home from their dad’s house. The volume in the house just went from a 4 to a 7.

5:30 pm – Gary made dinner. He’s an amazing cook. Every time he makes a meal I wonder why I’m even allow to cook in my own kitchen. YUM!

7:50 pm – Gary is fading fast. Working third shift had him awake at 5 am this morning. I send him to bed while the boys and I snuggle in to watch Outward. Putting my phone down, and only crocheting. We are device free from now until tomorrow.

Edited: Jaden cried during the movie – it’s about two boys who just want to see their dad. He wouldn’t tell me exactly why it made him cry, but he is thankful his school field trip was canceled so that didn’t happen while he was with his friends. I am too.

To be continued …

I’m publishing this on day 23 of quarantine – it’s crazy to edit what I wrote back at the beginning. So much had changed since these first seven days. Stay tuned for the next seven days of the Coronavirus Captain’s Log!

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