The Coronavirus Captain’s Log: Day 8-14

We survived our second week at home. I’m continuing to document our experiences in my Coronavirus Captian’s Log. This week wasn’t without some struggles. The boys have some fixing to do next week.

Edited: I’m publishing these journal entries on Day 27 of quarantine. It’s crazy to me how much the world has changed over the last month!

Day 8 – March 23, 2020

10:36 am – The whole family is home today. It’s a bit louder working from home.

12:32 pm – It’s a good breaking point in my work projects so I decide to accompany Gary to the grocery store. The governor has issued a “Safer at Home” act where we are all expected to be in our homes for the next week. The way my boys go through snacks, we need to stock up!

1:30 pm – It’s a weird and strange world out there right now. I found myself in near tears by the time we were checking out. People are so terrified. They are wearing plastic gloves and face masks. No one wants to get near anyone else, as though we are all infected. Shelves are EMPTY. No toilet paper, hand soap, ramen noodles or mac ‘n cheese. I feel scared for tomorrow and scared for our children. Will things go back to normal someday? Or is this the new normal? I want so much more for my boys. I want them to have parties with their friends and school dances. This can’t be forever. People are just so scared … I’m starting to feel scared too.

1:45 pm – We decide some Chinese food will help us feel a little better. Our favorite spot is still open and we got the last order of their handmade pot stickers. THANK YOU SWEET BABY IN A MANGER! They have a table outside their front door. When he sees us drive up, he puts the bag on the table and waves at us from behind the glass door. It’s smart nowadays, but still so strange.

Mr. Wok Coronavirus Food Delivery

4:30 pm – Gary is having an affair with Brandy … she’s old fashioned haha. My sweet man shampooed the carpets and made dinner while I worked. He’s a bit tipsy and I find it adorable. He’s going to bed while I finish up my day and have dinner with the boys.

7:30 pm – The remote is lost. We’ve searched high and low (ok the boys did while I sipped my cocktail) for that darn thing. No success.

Day 9 – March 24, 2020

7:30 am – Woke up this morning with Jaden and both dogs in the bed. Proof that my 13-year-old doesn’t fully hate me!

10:20 am – Made myself a cheese quesadilla. I have no regrets.

10:35 am – The remote is still lost. This is having a direct impact on the number of interruptions I get from my miniature coworkers today.

6:32 pm – After three days, I decided it was time to shower (and all the noses at home rejoiced). Being at home for 9 days makes you do weird things.

Day 10 – March 25, 2020

8:36 am – Left to take the boys to their dad’s house. Logan and Weston were both so excited to ask me SO MANY questions. I could barely keep up. However I loved the questions about how they could know if God was real. In a time when I have no idea what the future holds, answering the question, “Does God really love us?” was easy. I’m confident in those answers. This stupid virus doesn’t change the truth that I know I am loved and God is King.

3:30 pm – After a long day of talking to myself and working, I’m irritated and annoyed. Conversations are unintentionally happening without me and then all the work that I’ve been doing is lost. It’s not their fault, but I feel out of control and like I’ve wasted so much time. I remind myself that I committed to not caring enough about work to get angry. I need to walk away.

3:58 pm – Time to pour a cocktail.

Day 14 – March 29, 2020

8:00 am – Day one of all three boys attending virtual schooling at the same time from my house. I can do this! But first a quick video chat, morning coffee date with MKE gals.

10:00 am – ok, got in my first two meetings for the day, time to get the boys all set up for their virtual learning.

10:41 am – I ask Weston to do his math assignments. He insists that he already did the questions. I encourage him that if he’s done them already, it should be really fast to resubmit them. Please just help a mama out so she can get back to work.


Weston struggles with emotional regulation. When he’s super dis-regulated he can cuss like a sailor. I know this isn’t ok. We are working on it. We are all a work in progress. I wrote a piece for Milwaukee Mom that sums this all up. I am THAT mom. We are THAT family.

10:58 am – “You’re a BLEEP.” “Shut up you BLEEPING BLEEP.” Virtual learning isn’t going so well.

10:59 am – “You’re making me do work I already did, you BLEEP.” 

11:01 am – There is a hole kicked into my wall. It’s on video. Virtually learning is done for the day.

Hole in the wall

7:50 pm – I know I should be really mad about the hole in my wall and the colorful language carved in my kitchen table. But I’m not. I’m just numb and defeated.

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