The Coronavirus Captain’s Log: Day 15-21

Day 15 – March 30, 2020

8:55 am – Gary woke me up just in time for virtual church. The boys are not having it and I’m feeling saddened by the lack of structure.

9:55 am – Weston has turned it around and gave an incredible sign along to the rock concert to the closing song. Seeing the boys enjoy church and sing out loud (even if it was goofy) made my heart lighter.

11:30 am – I’ve been sitting on my butt while Gary does house projects. Feeling guilty I know I need to get up and start doing something. I decide we’ll finish painting the front foyer.

2:00 pm – The vaulted ceiling is way too high, but I don’t trust Gary to do the trim. My heart is racing and I’m very sweaty from all the nerves.

5:30 pm – We are done painting. I feel so accomplished. We would have never found the time to finish painting if we weren’t quarantined. I love my new wall color.

7:38 pm – We drive over some of the ribs that Gary smoked to share with Rachael, Dave and YaYa. Just physically seeing my family has calmed my heart a bit. I had no idea just how much I was missing Sunday evening family dinners. Then I break the rules and my heart is so happy!

Day 16 – March 31, 2020

11:27 am – There are some perks of virtual learning.

perks of virtual learning

12:55 pm – Making things right. Refinishing the kitchen table to cover up the carvings made during our melt down yesterday. This is supposed to be hard work, but he’s finding it super fun to paint the kitchen table.

painting kitchen table

3:23 pm

Weston: Mom, can I please play Minecraft? I just want to try this one little thing.
Me: Is my wall fixed?
Weston: But mom, it’s going to be weeks!
Me: Let me ask you think. Do you think it’s fair that you get to play video games before my wall is fixed?
Weston: No.
Me: Go read.
Weston: Ok …

4:41 pm – 

Me: Jaden can you wipe down the counter tops? There’s powdered sugar everywhere.
Jaden: Sure thing!
Gary: Do it with your TONGUE!
Me: Please don’t. That’s the last thing I need right now.
Weston: What if he wanted to be a vacuum when he grew up, Mom? You’re killin’ the kid’s dreams! Dream killer!

Day 17 – April 1, 2020

12:03 pm – Jaden and I HAD to get out of the house. So we picked up Culver’s and brought it over to YaYa and T’s for lunch. We sat 6 feet away and enjoyed delicious fried food together. Rae convinced Jaden that Governor Evers announced today that due to virtual learning, all students in the state of WI would need to repeat their current grade.

1:15 pm – Jaden complained about how unfair it was that he needed to repeat the 7th grade. I broke the news to him that it was an April Fools prank. He was utterly SHOCKED! Well played Rae, well played.

8:15 pm – I binge watched the ENTIRE season of Tiger King on Netflix. I just couldn’t stop watching.

Day 18 – April 2, 2020

Day 19 – April 3, 2020

4:50 pm – The sun is shining and the motorcycle is calling my name! When you man fires up the Harley, you grab your leather and hop on the back for an evening ride.

8:20 pm – I’ve rediscovered my love of reading. Snuggled on the couch with “Scarlet,” a glass of wine and Max. I’d say it’s a pretty good night.

Day 20 – April 4, 2020

9:00 am – We are having MAJOR attitude problems. Jaden is mad, like so, so, SO mad at me.

9:34 am – Gary calms us all down. We talk it out and decide we need to take a family self-quarantine car ride up to Port Washington to check the water levels. Who does that? Drives an hour just to check the fishing conditions? But I mean, what else are we going to do today?

11:00 am – Being outside is so good for our souls. The water running is soothing. Watching Jaden throw rocks and sticks makes me feel a bit lighter. There are no fish in the water. Not a single one.

4:40 pm – On the way back, we need to stop at WalMart for groceries and a few household items. I have not taken the boys in public before we went on lock down twenty days ago. I’m instructing Jaden to make sure he stands at least 6 feet from everyone. Stay close to us, no wondering off and doing your own shopping. Do NOT touch your face. Do NOT touch things unless you absolutely have to. I hear from the backseat, “Mom I’m kind of scared.” This breaks my heart.

5:45 pm – We all enjoyed our retail therapy. Hands all washed, safely back in our car.

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