The Pregnancy Facts

  1. Official Due Date: December 27, 2010
  2. Earliest the doctors will let me deliver: 32 Weeks
  3. Latest the doctors will let me deliver: 35 Weeks
  4. When I’m done with work: 24 Weeks
  5. Target Weight to Gain: 50 lbs!
  6. Baby Gender(s): 3 BOYS!
  7. Fraternal or Identical: All the babies are in their own “bubbles” so we assume that they are fraternal.  It IS possible that the egg could have split early enough and they still form their own “bubbles”  The only true way to determine is with genetic testing once the babies are born.
  8. What are the chances of having spontaneous (not on any in-fertility drugs) triplets? 1 in 50,000


  1. That is just crazy Melissa!! 1 in 50,000!!! holy cow! congrats and I would still lovvvve to take photos of them. Lets see if we can figure something out 🙂

  2. great blog! I don’t know how you do it with triplets plus one!
    I have twins and that’s about enough for me to handle.
    Glad I found your blog!

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