An overdue update

I wish I felt more inspired to write these days. There are tons of thoughts, revelations and meditations all floating around in my head. They just don’t seem to want to flow to paper when I finally have time to blog. I usually feel inspired to write something profound after my morning shower (probably a little weird but true) or after I’ve read a chapter in a new book I’m reading, “Un-Glued”. Which I totally recommend to read … But more on that later.

I was thinking about how I was thankful that school would be starting up soon. I desperately miss the quiet two hours in the middle of my day while the babies napped and jaden was still at school. And then I thought about how much I would miss him after the first week or so. How with each year he gains more independence and he will be spending more and more time away from home. I reminded myself to find the strength to embrace these days, as crazy and stressful as they are, for one day they will be over. That doesn’t mean I don’t still look forward to the comfort of our old routine … I just need to take a few moments here and there over the next week to appreciate what I have.

Which reminds me … Jaden lost his first tooth the other night! I’d been begging him to just pull it for two weeks and it finally popped out when we were wiggling it in the mirror after we brushed teeth! He was so surprised that it didn’t hurt! His wide eyes when it all happened were priceless! He was even more excited when he found a dollar bill under his pillow the next morning from the Tooth Fairy!


If only that still worked with adults! Just imagine if it only took someone hiding a dollar bill under your pillow for you to wake up with a smile on your face that would last all day. Imagine being so excited you had to tell everyone you came in contact with — Neighbors, Wal-Mart cashiers, bank tellers, barber, mailman, your boss … You name it! Well that’s what Jaden did at least …

Love, Mel

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  1. I don’t know who he got for kindergarten, but make sure you tell the teacher about his tooth. He can be the first on the ‘lost a tooth’ board.

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