Day 1 at the Lake

Our first day out here started out perfectly!  Dad was making pancakes and bacon when I rolled out of bed … yummers!  Then it was right outside to lay in the pool and read my book.  Jaden was stuck on being inside watching movies, so we bribed him with a blue Popsicle to take the row boat out with us.  Me (and my huge self), my two boys and of course a water bottle of iced tea.  We went out to the middle of the lake and right back.  Jaden even helped Doug row back to shore.

Once back on land, we made quesadillas for lunch.  ps Jaden LOVES that word.  He marched all around the house saying it over and over.  Then I laid in a chair and read my book (some more).  Jaden threw quarters into the pool and had Doug dive for them.  What an absolutely perfect afternoon!

I came in from the sun and fell asleep for FOUR hours!  Mama needed her rest I guess.  By the time I woke up it was 7pm.  Jake has his band section over for bonding so we all had PIZZA for dinner.  Pizza Hut pizza with sausage, bacon, mushrooms and light on the sauce might be heaven on earth.  SO good!!

Mom, Rae and me all went to KMart to get a few essentials.  I love shopping with them.  Of course I had to take a rest in the patio furniture section.  Lots of great finds tho!

Been trying to lay still enough to see if I can feel the babies.  I’m still not feeling too much … just a little (maybe) here and there.  The docs always make it sound like I should be feeling them a lot more than I am.  I’m sure everything is fine but just another worry I need to push out of my head.  I can feel where they are a little if I feel the outside of my tummy.  Baby B is right on the top of my belly.  If I flex my muscles (like I’m laughing) and I feel a butt or something right above my belly button.  Pretty such Baby C has got to be towards the back.  I get a dull pain in the back left hand side of my rib cage.  It’s gotta be baby, right?  I’m sure these little boys will be making a ruckus soon enough and I should thankful for the calm before the kicking storm!  haha

Tomorrow is another big day!  Heather, Chris and Asher are coming up from IL.  We’ve got another baby appointment.  Hoping to see lots of baby parts and come back with lots of ultrasound pics to share!  And of course more pool time!

Gotta love the lake, family and friends!  Time just goes SO fast!

Love, Mel

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