Jaden’s Announcement

**Proceed with caution – bathroom story!

Funny story of the week!  Jaden and I had a shopping date on Sunday.  We started at Wal-Mart. Went to Shop-ko, Kohl’s and ended at Pick ‘n Save.  Things were going alright … I mean only a few hundred “don’t touch that Jaden” “stay by me Jaden” “we’re not buying toys today Jaden” “Mommy said No Jaden” …. a slushie and chips at Wal-Mart always do WONDERS at quieting some of those questions! (for a bit at least)

While at Kohl’s looking for new dress shirts for Doug, Jaden was playing around in the clothes racks when all of a sudden he YELLS “I’ve got to go potty Mama!”  Seriously did we need to make the announcement to the entire store?  I say (much quieter) “Ok, do you need to go right now or can we finish here then go to the bathroom?”  He grabs his butt and YELLS “I’ve got to go poopy!  It’s starting to poke out a little Mama – I’ve got to go now!”  Oh cripes – really?  Did we need to say that, let alone scream that in public?  A simple “I need to go now” would have gotten the point across.

I take his hand and we begin the walk to the back of the store for the bathroom.  When do kids always decide they need to use the bathroom when we are on the complete other end of the store?

I help his sit on the adult size toilet and he starts to narrarate his bathroom experience.  “See Mom – it came out really fast.  I made it just in time”  The whole time I cringing – hoping that no one is going to walk into the bathroom and overhear this conversation.  “Mama I’ve got to go pee pee too”

Then something doesn’t sound quite right … it didn’t sound like water hitting water.  Crap – what just happened?

I double check, but it doesn’t seem like his underpants are wet.  Then I notice the puddle on the floor.  How the HECK does that happen?  We are sitting on the potty – how did we pee on the floor?  Then I find his soaked undies and drips all down the front of his pants.  Apparently when boys use the public bathrooms with the opening in the toilet seat, they ALWAYS have to point ‘it’ down.  Doug taught me this when telling the story to him.  I’m a girl – I don’t know this!!!  Jaden started to get upset – but I reassured his it would be ok.

We ditched the undies in the garbage and wiped down his pants as best as we could.  Let’s just say our shopping adventure at Kohl’s had come to an end.  That’s also how we ended up buying six shirts for Doug!  I was just throwing the shirts I liked in the cart with the plan to go thru them again before checking out.  Whoops!  Looks like I’ll have to make some returns – sort of worked in my favor as it means an adventure out of the house!  Mom alone time!

Oh Jaden …. it’s never a dull moment with you.  I love you!


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